Accuracy Talks Straight #6 - L'angle académique - Evaluation du patrimoine de données, interview avec Isabelle Wattiau

La gouvernance de la donnée - Une stratégie d'Océan bleu...

An article written by the Chair prized on the INFORSID 2022 AWARDS

"A model and a method for the evaluation of the value of data" 


Evaluation of Data Value

A Model and a Method

Jacky Akoka, Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau

Data is a strategic asset for organizations. Assessing its value provides companies

with a mean to identify strategies that offer a competitive advantage and to measure their informational capital. There is neither an approach nor a set of standards and rules to apply for this valuation due to the intangible nature of data. In this paper, we propose an approach combining an enriched concept of data value, a conceptual model including this concept and the notion of context, and a value assessment method based on this model. The originality is to combine risk-based approaches with the more classical approaches to the valuation of tangible assets (cost, market, or income approaches). The approach is confronted with several real cases from the literature allowing a validation of its usefulness and added-value.

Un article de la Chaire primé au Concours INFORSID 2022 ! 

"Un modèle et une méthode pour l'évaluation de la valeur de la donnée"

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Evalutation de la valeur des données  par Jacky Akoka et Isabelle Wattiau